Vainglory / by Uschi Jeffcoat

It began as I painted the beautiful plumage patterns. The shapes and markings oddly matched the sun spots I have.  We women of 40 years old have been taught they are our enemies. And I thought of the money, time and tangle of emotions we western culture ladies spend on battling aging.

Then I went to visit my grandmother in Germany and I saw the pain of arthritis on a daily basis. And it broke my heart.

Pause. Reset.

When in our society did aging lose its beautiful honor & wisdom? Why would we try to hide and fight against that? Perhaps because it frightens us?

So I am trying to live beyond myself. Learning to recognize which things in our lives give and which take.

Vainglory, I believe you are a thief.


19" x 24"

(background hand drawn and painted, ... took FOREVER!)