Moirai by Uschi Jeffcoat

Fate or the Personification of Fate. In Greek Mythology, three women plus a delicate and fragile thread.

Moirai Watercolor on aquabord 7" x 5"

Watercolor on aquabord
7" x 5"

Ich wandte mich und sah, wie es unter der Sonne zugeht, daß zum Laufen nicht hilft schnell zu sein, zum Streit hilft nicht stark sein, zur Nahrung hilft nicht geschickt sein, zum Reichtum hilft nicht klug sein; daß einer angenehm sei, dazu hilft nicht, daß er ein Ding wohl kann; sondern alles liegt an Zeit und Glück. - Prediger 9:11 from the Luther Bible

I find the German a much more poetic and descriptive version of the sentiment expressed in the following verse.

I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.  Ecclesiastes 9:11

In the German the verb help is used (almost as if it is gently correcting our thinking about all that we think we need to have help us. Ending with "everything lies within (or perhaps upon?) time and chance". A theologian might have to correct my loose translating.

But the thought, I suppose,  remains the same. And I find it is also expressed through those mythological women holding that metaphor of a fragile thread.

Ch-ch-changes by Uschi Jeffcoat

A few changes are taking place in my world in 2017.

The main one being, I have returned to being at home.

Here are the stats: I'm 41. My 20 year wedding anniversary is approaching and my children are 18 and 17.  Here's the reality. Time isn't going backwards. It's moving and it's moving FAST!

And I felt it was time to take a pause, stop the clock, reflect, take some personal dreams off of a shelf and blow the dust off. Some may call this a mid-life crisis. I'm calling it half-time.

Charles and I have talked about this for a LONG time. And we felt this was the time. I am leaving an organization I have worked for in very good hands - with a wonderful group of people and partnerships to carry it forward.

And while I could have continued on in my role, I know that the organization is currently poised for growth and development in areas that require a new set of strengths.  In the nonprofit sector, I believe it is crucial for leaders to know themselves, their capabilities and the needs of the organization. 

I also know that for every yes one says, that is a no to something else.

So I am saying yes to a new adventure.  For the next few months this will include a little more painting and a few additional hidden projects. (more about them in the future!)

But for today, I'll simply leave you with this little halftime performance and Ohrworm of a song.